lauantai 3. lokakuuta 2015


Pheeeewww it has been quite a ride, these past couple of months! But now the gym is pretty near ready, just some finishing touches are missing. Like a HUGE mural I´m planning to paint on the back wall...

Now that I actually have some time to sit down and think, the first thing I want to do is thank everybody who has helped us make our dream come true. Always give credit to whom credits are due. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our friends, supporting us on our journey!

Special thanks to:

Our parents for helping with the renovation, babysitting and making sure our own house didn't fall apart while we concentrated on getting the gym up and working. None of this would be possible without your help.

Our athletes for putting up with sometimes distracted and/or manic/tired coaches. You are the reason for the whole project.

Our athletes´ families for helping us build the platform and assemble and carry the equipment. Raikku Lindholm, Toivoset, Jarkko Salmi, Marko Seppä, Marko Koskinen, Timo Niinikivi, Kimmo Manni. And of course Pauli "100" Jaakkola.

Ville Aalto (Crossfit Porvoo, Very Black Store) for all your help with finding and getting the right equipment.

Atte Kaasinen and Juha Metsämuuronen for your faith in us, consultations, and always putting in a good word for us. I could not ask for better friends.

Petri Kanerva, also for your faith in us and spreading the Speedsters message.

Joona Noutere (Crossfit Central NLA) for becoming our neighbor and venturing out on this adventure with us.

Miikka Nissinen, Mari and Velu Keränen for your support.

EVERYBODY who ever attended my workshops and classes. I learnt something from each and every one, and had a blast while doing so.

My grandparents Irja and Osmo for setting a shiny example on living for sports and also inspiring me to trying to match their achievements.

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